To help people explore their life story so that they can recognise patterns that are negatively impacting their lives and learn ways to overcome them that will lead them closer towards living their life in line with their ‘Valued Direction.’


We will work together, using evidence-based techniques, in a way that is tailored to meet your individual needs so that you can find your way back to the light, and/or lead others back to their light.


A soul is born into this world from a place of divinity (Mohiotanga) but, throughout the process of living, comes into contact with many different experiences that can create a separation from this core sense of self, thus there comes a point where the knowledge has to be sought and the skills learned and practiced (Matauranga) to start travelling back towards the light from which we came, reconnecting with the most authentic version of ourselves, beyond all the stories we have created and automatic behaviours we have developed (Maramatanga). 

At Soul Psychology, we travel this journey back home by raising the subconscious into conscious awareness, turning shadows into light.


session or workshop